Got Moobs?


Yes … Common …. But, a sign of major hormone dysfunction and the sign your body is crying out for help as a man. 


Currently, there is an undeniable change in our brothers, fathers and sons … a change of epidemic proportions. You may have even experienced it yourself. Don’t feel ashamed, it happens to the most manly of men!  Holding weight around the middle? Increased fatigue? Experiencing increased emotionality? Low T? And most importantly, have you noticed something you always dreaded, never thought you would ever experience? — you found it in the privacy of your bathroom mirror … yes, the dreaded “Man-boobs”. You think, “this can’t be!! Maybe my pecs have just gotten saggy?” “I must just be out of shape!?” Moobs

This “moobs” epidemic is certainly not just your imagination. We are experiencing an “estrogenization” of the male species. A massive imbalance in the male hormones as well as thyroid hormones, insulin levels, leptin levels and Vitamin D levels. What’s the cause you say? Endocrine disruptors come in many forms. They come in the form of plastics used to hold our water, heat our food, containerize our food in the refrigerator. They come from a massive level of bio-accumulation of endocrine-disrupting chemicals and other toxicities. This change has occurred even due to our over-exposure to endocrine-disrupting computer lights. And yes, we sit too much, however it is not just from the lack of any movement, it is the right, “Human Growth Hormone-Enhancing, Testosterone-building activities.”

Many of my male clients are most concerned with their loss of libido, decreased muscle tone and substantial acquisition of their “man-boobs,” (as they explain in their own words).

What can be done about this problem you ask?

Let us highlight the top 7 biggest changes you can make to enhance your “manhood’ today.

  1. Let go of all grains immediately! Yes, this includes whole grains.
  2. Drop sugar like a bad habit-all sugar, including fructose in fruit in order to heal insulin resistance.
  3. Increase good fats (Coconut, Olive, Grass-Fed Butter, Avocado) and stop ingesting canola oil, vegetable oil and all “hydrogenated oils” today. Remember hormones are made of FAT! We need the good stuff as building blocks.
  4. Choose glass and stainless steel containers only for storage. Avoid plastics, period.
  5. Incorporate Burst or Surge Training into your life 3 days per week … increases Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone for 36 hours following 🙂
  6. Increase zinc-rich foods such as cashews, grass-fed beef, garlic, spinach, pumpkin seeds and kidney beans for healthier hormone levels and gut health as well.
  7. Meet with your health advisor regarding having your complete thyroid hormones evaluated using optimal values not just “standard” values to find missing clues regarding your hormone health and integrity.

Dr. Puja Wentworth, DC is a genetic-based functional nutrition and detoxification expert. If interested in learning more about this topic, Schedule a free 15 minute consultation today to get back on your game. — Or cal: 919.463.0021