What is The Genetic Blueprint Diet?

The Genetic Blue

Have you spent many hours wondering about what your future health holds?  Have you wished you had a “genetic blueprint” but thought you would never know?

We will analyze your genetic raw data and create a custom blueprint of data for you to be empowered in preventing disease processes. We will also recommend specific dietary regimes, supplementation recommendations and fitness style specific to your genetics.

Genetic Based Nutritional consultations are a way to discover the most optimal nutrition plan for you according to your individual genetic makeup. Dr. Puja has been using nutrigenomic evaluations in her practice for several years and has created a protocol of nutritional interventions based on the literature and his experience. Dr. Puja utilizes protocols to help guide you to your genetically favored nutritional plan. You will need to have your 23andMe genetic raw data in order to have this analysis performed.