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Hi. I’m John Peters and this is the story of my "Bucket", how it finally overflowed, life with a pituitary tumor and life after two pituitary tumor surgeries.

For most, the story of their life is told in first person and it starts at childhood or birth. It's full of quirks and tales of happy times, sad times, triumphs, trials and yes...tribulations. A good ol' wholehearted autobiography of sorts. Well, mine is a story about my "bucket."

My wife, an exquisitely talented chiropractic physician and I care for and coach our clients on the various wellness topics including cellular healing, heavy metal toxicity, thyroid function, neurofeedback, brain healing, self help alternative practices, etc.

I love when she starts talking about how each of us has our own bucket at the beginning of our lives. I imagine mine as a galvanized metal bucket with a thick wire handle. I imagine myself carrying it around with me at all times. In her discussions and presentations she uses a similar metal bucket of common size. This bucket is used by us for transporting our Sharpies, felt tip markers and the like. To start the presentation she removes them and shows an empty bucket which represents the beginning of our life. She proceeds by describing the various possible environmental toxins we may encounter including the 3 possible and probable stressors or causes of subluxations that occur in our lives: emotional, chemical and physical.

Slowly she picks up each marker and designates it as one of the stressors (either a toxin or one of the other many stressors) and drops it into the bucket. Common examples are exposures to toxins in our home: "clank" is the sound it makes as it is dropped into the bucket, next... a difficult upbringing or relationship: clank...a car accident: clank, poor diet: clank, metal fillings: clank, lead pipes feeding the water line into our homes: clank, EMF & WiFi: clank goes another and so on, and so on. You get the idea. Until finally the bucket overflows. And at that point, whatever won't fit in the bucket opens the door to disease, dysfunction and illnesses.

You see...we all have buckets and they are all different sizes. But once we've filled our buckets, that is where the troubles really begin.

My bucket was empty just like yours. In the next few paragraphs I'm going to tell you how I got to the point I was at just a few short years ago when I just recovered from my second brain surgery and thought I was on the road to recovery only to realize the real work of full recovery was to come. And if you've read this far...I figure you'll read it all, but just in case you want to know the end of the story as told in these paragraphs... I can finally say that I have a true grasp of what else I need to do for my next 50 years and am feeling GREAT!

Okay...so I see you've chosen to keep reading. I know I only have your attention for just so long, so let me continue by telling you how I filled up and overflowed my bucket. Clank, clankety, clank.

Beginning of Life

Yep here is starts. A 7 lb. 8 oz baby boy was kicking and bouncing in my table top springy bassinet until I wasn't and instead sprung onto the kitchen floor head first. Yes, I was taken to the doctor, but it was the 1960's. Who would have ever determined it was a TBI? Clank. A few years later a space heater caught fire in my bedroom in the middle of the night with me in my crib. The fire wasn't detected until my soundly sleeping dad heard me choking and coughing from the smoke. Upon opening the door, the window blew out from the heat. I was scooped up and taken outdoors to join my siblings and mother...all safe and alive. My mother recalls me being inspected by the fireman. But nothing else. Clank. I later realized when I did not grow out of asthma like my doctor thought I would, that my cilia (small hairs in windpipe and bronchial tubes) had been damaged. Clank. The use of my inhalers and a nebulizer certainly helped, but the chemical ingredients became systemic from years of use. Clank. Since we are talking about chemical stressors, I need to mention that my dad was a pharmacist for 55 or more years. Please don't take it as I don't respect or realize there is a place for chemical and synthetic pharmaceuticals, because I do believe there is. I also respect what my father did to support us. What I have a difficult time with, is accepting the "I have a pill for that" that most doctors have adopted. It's my opinion that I was over medicated for much of my young life. Clank. Now in my wiser adult years, I first go to the source and seek alternative and holistic approaches, before the synthetic route.

My teen and early adult life was fairly problem free except for the emotional subluxations I suffered with my parents rocky married life. Clank. Another huge emotional subluxation was a divorce in my mid 30's. Clank. My body suffered greatly from a poor diet before I knew better about what and how to eat. Clank. Dehydration. Clank. This continued on into my 30's and 40's. Clank. Subway sandwiches. Clank. Burger King. Clank. Processed foods. Clank. GMO. Clank.


Amalgam Fillings

My actual Xray prior to Amalgam Removal

The one and perhaps most detrimental choice that was made for me, by perhaps my parents and most likely my dentist's was to put amalgam silver fillings in my mouth. Amalgam fillings which contain 50% mercury, one of the most toxics metals on earth, are used often, especially in the days of my childhood because of their low cost. And unfortunately, because I was allowed to eat a lot of sugar, I in turn received many filings of the amalgam type. CLANK times 10-15! When you have Amalgam fillings ... Every time you brush your teeth, drink a hot or cold beverages, chew on something too hard or have dental work executed, the filling releases a mercury vapor of particulates into your mouth. Often leaching into your brain through the blood brain barrier and into other parts of your body. CLANK times (an unknown number)


Everyday Life

Other common stressors that add to the list of "clanks" in my everyday life (and maybe yours) include: airplane travel because of the high levels of radiation and EMF while flying, pesticides from living in suburbs or near a golf course, improper cleaning fluids in your home, air fresheners, personal products: underarm deodorant, shampoos, perfumes, clothing made of synthetic (man made) materials and the list goes on and on. See our Toxic Top 10 List for more info.

Turning 40

Obviously lifestyle choices add to the bucket in a big way. But, I didn't fully realize the extent of the how full the bucket was becoming until it was almost my 40th birthday. At that time I was in the 3rd decade of being an estate liquidator and auctioneer. After a big auction I went to the eye doctor because I thought my eyeglasses needed a new prescription. I had been missing bids on the left side of the auction house and patrons were disgruntled. At the eye doctor, during my eye test, the doctor put the chart on the wall, then she flipped the screen into place covering my right eye and told me to start reading the chart wherever I could. I could only see a small sliver of the chart. I saw the doctor turn around, expecting to see the chart improperly positioned, only to see the look on her face as she said to me "the chart is fully visible on the wall...you can't see it?" Of course I answered no. Long story short, and to skip quite a few steps, she sent me for an MRI. The technician told me they would call me with results in a couple weeks. However, my eye doctor called me on the way home from the MRI appointment and told me I had a brain tumor the size of a chicken egg on my pituitary gland and that I needed brain surgery as soon as possible. Of course I FREAKED OUT!

I had two, yes two, transsphenoidal brain surgeries over the course of 2 years. Clank. I choose transsphenoidal surgery through my nose, as opposed to Craniotomy or through my gum-line after visiting with 3 neurosurgeons. I choose Dr. Kevin Lillehei at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, who was regarded as the “guru of pituitary tumors” to perform my surgeries. Transsphenoidal surgery is a type of surgery in which an endoscope and/or surgical instruments are inserted into part of the brain by going through the nose and the sphenoid bone. The tumor was so large and “sticky” according to Dr. Lellehei that I had to endure 2 surgeries instead of one. The first surgery relieved the pressure the tumor was putting on my optic nerve to such an extent that my eyesight was 90% restored. I've never had perfect vision. Now my right eye is 20/25 and my left 20/50. Nonetheless, I'm thrilled to be able to see again, let alone be ALIVE! 

My second and hopefully last pituitary tumor surgery was in 2009. Unfortunately, both of my surgeries caused me to suffer from a CSF leak, which can cause meningitis and thus needed to be on my back for 3 days while the injury healed and the cerebral fluid was being monitored through a spinal lumbar tab. Clank. My morning cortisol was carefully monitored and scored within the range of normal. According to Pubmed Ausiello JC, et al. Pituitary. 2008: "Patients with levels <10 microg/l should continue therapy with reassessment in the later postoperative period. Monitoring for water imbalances, which are due to deficiency or excess of ADH (DI or SIADH, respectively), is accomplished by continuous accounting of fluid intake, urine output and specific gravities coupled with daily serum electrolyte measurements." However, during this second surgery I was given a cortisone shot and it turns out that I am greatly allergic to such a remedy. I flat lined while in ICU after surgery and literally had an “out-of-body” experience as I walked in the tall grassy field and looked up towards the surgery unit at the hospital. I was at peace. I was headed out … to be with God. But, then I returned to my body with their surgical intensive care unit including the chief of cardiology, because of my extremely low heart rate, and the hospital chaplain. Thankfully, neither were needed. This type of experience forever changes you. You are never the same and work hard to not take life for granted. Life is too short to live in mediocrity! There are ways we survivors can live with much higher levels of health and happiness.


It's imperative that a post-pituitary tumor patient establish a relationship with an endocrinologist. I was fortunate enough to have an excellent endocrinologist who guided me through the perils of post transsphenoidal surgery. Within a visit or two your adrenals, thyroid and gonadal axes will be fully assessed. I was fortunate that it was determined that I would not need replacement therapy...HOWEVER, my adrenals had been rocked to the core and my wife, Dr. Puja Wentworth, and I knew it.

By the time I found my soulmate, Dr. Puja, in 2012 I had already filled my bucket and it had overflowed numerous times. I remember thinking to myself that I had "dodged a bullet" by having and going through my pituitary tumor. It had been 3 years and I thought I was generally feeling pretty damn good (all things considered). But it was evident to my future wife and to new acquaintances that I was grey in color. I had an ashy look to me. And it was not going away on its own.

Perfect Storm
That's when Dr. Puja figured out what was my "perfect storm." What had caused my brain tumor to grow at such a rapid pace that it's size was the 5th largest ever seen by my neurosurgeon, whom had removed 1000's.

My “perfect storm” consisted of 4 major sources:
1. Unusually high stress for decades.
2. A mouth full of mercury from 9 amalgam fillings.
3. Living for 4 decades in Colorado, which is touted as having the highest radiation levels in the WORLD due to the high uranium content in its soil and its Mile High altitude causing dangerous levels of radon.
4. And the use of the original 1st generation cellular telephones. In 2011, the World Health Organization said that cellphone radiation might be a “possible carcinogen.”

A “perfect storm” recipe to grow a chicken egg sized brain tumor.

Let the post pituitary tumor treatment begin
A common course of action that may be recommended to you after your tumor removal is radiation therapy. Thankfully my team of neurosurgeons stressed to me that this choice would be THE WRONG CHOICE due to the fact that radiation grows tumors. Instead, my course of action was to follow Dr. Puja's holistic approach. Firstly she ordered a blood panel to be able to closely monitor my metabolic levels, homocysteine and methylation. She then began supporting all of my {essential steps to healing post pituitary tumor surgery} and I was eternally grateful.

On our 1st Year Anniversary, she gifted us with a trip to a highly qualified holistic dentist in Mexico who was capable of saving us a lot of money while providing excellent care. We stayed there over Christmas and experienced over 17 hours in the dental chair. Dr. Puja continued with her protocols as we experienced each day, assisting my body in releasing the eminent toxicity release in the most efficient ways. NOTE: NEVER GO AND REMOVE YOUR AMALGAM FILLINGS WITHOUT PROPER PREP and GUIDANCE BY A DOCTOR OR COACH THAT HAS HAD EXTENSIVE TRAINING IN NEUROTOXICITY AND SAFE HEAVY METAL DETOXIFICATION. Removing Amalgam fillings is just barely the beginning of removing mercury from the body. Mercury LOVES the brain and especially the pituitary. The true cellular detox takes times --- months --- sometimes years depending on a person's levels which can be measured by this type of health specialist like Dr. Puja.

If you have had a similar journey of a pituitary tumor and subsequent surgery and are finding it difficult to get on track, regulate yourself and have a high quality of life, please connect with Dr. Puja. She can help you by creating custom post-pituitary tumor surgery protocols designed to coach and guide you to exceptional health, increased energy and quality of life through coaching and protocols that enable you to have the long-term skills for self reliance and resilience. You deserve, at least to act on her FREE 15 MINUTE TELEPHONE CONSULT!

Like you, I was not finding the helpful information necessary to put all my new complications into a place of clarity. I was frustrated, but at the same time grateful I was alive. I just want you to know that you don’t have to settle for the life you now have that feels frustrating and conflicted. I know my life would not be what it is without Dr. Puja. It was through her Top 7 Essential Strategies that I became vital, strong, hopeful and the best version of me once more.

If you are experiencing:

Excessive fatigue


Cold hands

Thyroid symptoms

Muscle cramps

Blood sugar dysregulation

Excessive urination

Low libido



Blurry vision

Anxiety and Overwhelm

Low cortisol or high cortisol



Moodiness and sadness

You are not alone! I have SO... been there. Very rarely do I experience any of these symptoms any longer after working with Dr. Puja’s Proprietary Protocols.

Now, when I experience any of these symptoms, I know exactly what I can do to correct course and I am able to do so immediately. I finally feel truly resilient.

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