There are 3 levels of integrative coaching programs... Which one is right for you?

Functional Nutrition Analysis

Dr. Puja executes this analysis with great care and precision. She uses a leading edge series of questionnaires and tests to first determine the "root causes" and "system imbalances" to help improve your health outcome. 

Genomic-Based Assessment

Dr. Puja will analyze your genetic raw data and create a custom blueprint of data for you to to be empowered in preventing disease processes. She will also recommend specific dietary regimes, supplementation recommendations and fitness style specific to your genetics.

One-on-One Coaching

Have you been searching and hoping for one-on-one holistic coaching through your plethora of health disruptions? Confused about your next step? If you are coach-able, we offer 6-12 month coaching programs specifically designed for you.

So how does it work?

Schedule Your FREE Phone Consult

It all starts with a FREE 15 minute consult with Dr. Puja Wentworth. Use the link below to schedule your FREE consult. The consult will be executed via telephone. 

Schedule Your Initial Consult

Dr. Puja works from 3 offices. Our primary office is in Apex, NC. She also sees patients in Sanford, NC and at our beach location in the quaint town of Swansboro, NC. Use the link below to schedule.

Get Your Life Back

Our world has become truly toxic and it is up to each and every one of us to empty the bucket of our body faster than it is filled. Let Dr. Puja help you "Live Your God-given Potential"