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Empowering your "Genetic Blueprint" through strategic protocols for epigenetic cellular healing, detoxification and resilience so you may live your God-given potential. Be resilient. Be brilliant. Be you!

If You Reached Your Potential, Just Think What YOU Could Do For Humanity.

Entering Her 14th Year as a Nutrition Based Chiropractic Physician :: Genetic-Based Nutrition, Purifying Healing Programs, Chiropractic Care at the Cellular Level, Functional Nutritional Consultation, Human Potential Optimization, Brain Training, Neurofeedback, qEEG Brain Mapping, Workshops, Seminars and Retreats. 

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Combining science and intuition in perfect harmony for your wellness. Begin neurologically optimizing yourself for prevention today!

Have you spent your whole life guessing your best health and diet needs? Know yourself at a deeper level. Stop guessing about supplementation, detoxification and dietary regimens.

Have you or your family member suffered with brain disruptions? Such as attention issues, memory loss, insomnia, post-concussive syndrome, emotional outbursts, anxiety or depression. Perhaps it is your brain getting in the way of your potential.

Have you been searching and hoping for one-on-one holistic coaching through your plethora of health disruptions? Confused about your next step? If you are coach-able, we offer 6-12 month coaching programs specifically designed for you.

Have you recently had a pituitary tumor surgery? Sometimes called the master gland, the pituitary controls the function of most of other endocrine glands. Learn how to start rebuilding yours today!

Did you know there is relief for symptoms of PTSD? Some things in life are ABSOLUTE. And one of them is the fact that you don't have to suffer from PTSD. There is relief from your symptoms.

 Did You Know Your Metabolism Can Be Changed For Good?



How many times have you known someone who limited their own potential over a few pounds of fat on their body? 


With our 63-day doctor assisted Well Centered Weight Loss Program, we well walk you through how to change your lifestyle so you can steadily lose the excess fat that's endangering your health.

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Resilient Lifestyle Products Available Here and at our Boutique Apex, NC Based Clinic

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Increase Your Brain's Potential

One of our newest and proven modalities we feature in our Apex office is Neurofeedback. This non-evasive, drug-free approach has provided relief for many of our patients. If you or someone you know has experienced a traumatic brain injury, a concussion or experiences depression, sleep disturbances, anxiety or ADD/ADHD, we have answers for you. There have been amazing advances in technology in the last 15 years and now what was once only available to astronauts and high level athletes, is available for you and your beloved family. 


BrainTap is an excellent brain hack for increasing your God-given potential. Imagine if you were not held back by the weaknesses of your brain caused by stress, trauma and injury.

Get Your CBD On! Enhance Your Endocannabinoid System Now! You Deserve This!

For this challenge...local participants will receive 2 FREE Brain Maps (at the beginning & the end of the 30 days). If you would like to participate, but are not local, you will only execute the Cognitive Emotional Questionnaire before & after. Participants that have completed the 30 Day CBD Challenge are reporting reduced inflammation, reduced anxiety & improved sleep ... just for starters! *Discounted CBD purchase required.

 Do you have your 23 & Me ancestry and genetic raw data already? Want to know how to prevent disease? Adopted? Know someone who is?



When you purchase this LIFE CHANGING product Dr. Puja will analyze your genetic raw data in her proprietary 4 hour comprehensive review process and create a custom blueprint for YOU regarding your genetic privileges, pre-dispositions and weaknesses. The resulting one hour consultation with Dr. Puja will give you the knowledge and tools to continue on your health journey with your own personal genetic blueprint.

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From the Piedmont ... to the Sandhills ... to the coast... and now to the Blue Ridge Mountains of SW Virginia . Dr. Puja Wentworth, DC, sees patients virtually or one-on-one. Appointments can now be scheduled by phone or online at one of our 4 locations! 

Apex, NC Office: Raleigh/Durham :: 112 Salem Towne Court Apex, NC 27502 :: Easy access off Hwy 1, Hwy 64, 55 or 540 :: Schedule Online Now or Call 919.463.0021

Sanford, NC in Lee County Office located at Well Centered Wellness :: Downtown Historic District Sanford, NC 27330 :: Schedule Online Now or Call 919.463.0021

Swansboro, NC Emerald Isle Office located at Second Wind Eco Tours :: 208 Main St. Swansboro, NC 28584 :: Call April at (910) 325-3600 to schedule

NEW!!! Office Location! Floyd, Virginia. Offering Chiropractic, Functional Nutrition & CBD Consults, Light & Sound Therapies. Click here to book online or call 919-463-0021

Recent Health Participant Testimonials
Liz WLiz W
Dr. Puja is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body! I have been so happy with our work together. She has helped my toddler through gut issues, eczema (now totally gone) and overall immune system support. My chiropractic visits have reduced pain and improved my sleep. Dr. Puja is caring, kind and goes out of her way to ensure that you are getting your health needs met!
Liz W.Liz W.
Dr. Puja is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body! I have been so happy with our work together. She has helped my toddler through gut issues, eczema (now totally gone) and overall immune system support. My chiropractic visits have reduced pain and improved my sleep. Dr. Puja is caring, kind and goes out of her way to ensure that you are getting your health needs met!
Sona D.Sona D.
Dr. Puja has been a huge part of my trusted team of healing practitioners for more than a decade. She listens to the body's wisdom and also to her patient's intuitive wisdom in order to provide the most beneficial treatment. I can't even recount how many times during the course of a treatment Dr. Puja has been able to pull me out of a physically or emotionally painful situation and back to my normal life and activities. Her caring and sweet demeanor is unlike any other. She is always a bright presence to be around. I truly believe Dr. Puja wants her patients to life an abundant and fulfilling life and has dedicated her practice to this goal. I highly recommend Dr. Puja to those seeking structural help (or that as a means to addressing emotional traumas). She is very skillful as a chiropractor but beyond that is also an incredible well of knowledge in many other areas. I am lucky to have this skilled woman in my life and hope others can experience the same benefits I have!
Wendy W.Wendy W.
I am so thankful I was referred to Dr. Puja three years ago. She has helped me tremendously in working through many issues I was having. Gluten intolerance, leaky gut, blood sugar issues and more. She is a wealth of knowledge, I come away from every appointment understanding my body more . I have learned many tools in how to help my body heal itself and prevent illness in both myself and my family. In addition, Dr. Puja is kind, gentle and exudes a peace and positiveness that anyone would want in their practitioner. My appointments with her are literally my favorite, it's like going to see a good friend!
Tom M.Tom M.
It makes for an incredible experience when someone in the medical field treats you like a friend or part of their family. He knowledge goes way beyond chiropractic care and includes solutions to many other health issues. I have received treatments from Puja for several years. Not only is she there on a regular basis, she has been there on the rare occasion when I needed help and did not have an appointment scheduled. Her treatments have made a world of difference. Until I can learn how to treat my body like it is older than I think and stop doing stupid things, I will be always grateful for Puja, her service, her kindness and her ongoing help!
John C.John C.
Dr. Puja is helping me take health to a positive next step.
Kathy K.Kathy K.
I came to see Dr.Puja years ago for stress relayed issues,because I was over 30 and going back to college,while dealing with my divorce and raising my child alone. Dr.Puja made me feel very comfortable and welcome during my entire visit. She told me that my body's many traumas throughout the years have cause the pains that I was experiencing. My body was totally out of alinement,which caused my headaches and other pains. After seeing so many doctors that do NOT care about the "root" of my issues,it was refreshing to finally have a doctor that teaches as well as cares for me. Dr.Puja has helped my entire family and a few friends that I have sent to her with issues ranging from high blood pressure to weight loss. Her bedside manner is the best and I feel fortunate to call her my doctor 🙂
Dori B.Dori B.
Dr Puja has been the miraculous healing hands to all my family and friends. So knowledgeable . I have never seen her recommend any technique, product, protocol or therapy if SHE herself did not experience first! Incredibly charismatic and shows her tender bedside manners at all times. Besides all of that she displays her intuitiveness and persistence to find out what is the cause of your issue instead of putting a band aid on it. She has been a crucial person in the health and well being of my family. Cant even contemplate on having anyone else take care of us!!
Mala D.Mala D.
What I love most about Dr. Puja is that no adjustment is ever the same. She customizes each appointment to what her client needs, which is sets her apart from many other chiropractors who give generic adjustments. Dr. Puja also imparts her nutritional knowledge during the adjustments, which helps a client feel like they are getting their money's worth. I always love to end my appointments on what I call the magic bed 🙂
Rabia N.Rabia N.
I've been a patient of Dr. Puja's for almost 4-5 years now and she has by far been the best chiropractor I've ever been to. She always gives you a warm welcome and makes you feel elevated, both morally and physically. She operates in a very clean environment and cares about our health and wellness. Even if I'm not in pain, I just have to go see her every 2 weeks. This is how great she makes me feel! Thank you Dr. Puja and you know I've adopted you for life!

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